The SomĀyur™ Mission

To provide empathy, compassion, and support with practical Eastern/Western-based holistic healing tools to heal traumas and educate clients with self-love, empowerment, health and wellness tips, and SBNR (spiritual but not religious) counseling for the community.

The story

SomĀyur™ ~ “The Elixir of Life”

In 2018, my self-healing journey was intuitively guided to become a spiritual teacher/counselor and energy healer upon my return back home from Rishikesh, India. I realized that my path in this life was to be a supportive conduit or channel in spirituality and self-healing, and to help serve the community from a higher purpose. After completing the teacher training certifications in Transpersonal Energy Healing (TEH), Vedic Meditation, and Holistic Yoga at the end of the year, was when the vision and creative name of SomĀyur™ began in July 2019. Through the experience of my self-healing journey and the discovery of serving my passion and purpose, was how SomĀyur™ ~ “The Elixir of Vital Life” was created.

The meaning of “Soma” has several meanings in various cultures across the world, but the spiritual teachings of Hinduism, defines the word as “an intoxicating drink prepared from a plant and used in Vedic ritual, believed to be the drink of the gods.” (Oxford Dictionary). And “soma” is an elixir that gives immortality. However, in Greek mythology, the meaning of “soma” is body. Lastly, in yoga the meaning of “Ayur” is defined as “life or vital power or vital life.”

Christine Wong the founder and CEO of Somayur LLC doing a Yoga pose infront of a sunset.


My commitment - The CIRCLE


I provide compassion with all clients.


I practice integrity with the utmost honesty.


I practice respect as the “golden rule.”


I share the vision of collaborating collectively.


I give unconditional love to all who cross/share my path.


I give empathy to anyone and everyone.

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You Are The Creator of Your Healing Journey

When you work with Christine at SomĀyur™, you will discover your true self/soul purpose in life and be the creator of your self-healing journey.

You will be more creative and be more open to receive.

You will be more balanced and self-aware.

You will be more present and learn a gratitude attitude.

Your efforts to heal yourself will manifest your intentions.

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