Energy Healing

Energy Healing


Energy healing (EH) is an alternative holistic way of exchanging vibrational healing energies or frequencies to help clients balance the mind and physical body. The practice of EH was developed as early as the 1920’s with the practice of Reiki, developed by Mikao Usuri in Japan in 1922, which is currently practiced worldwide in the U.S. Other forms of energy healing practices have been developed in order to support the same/similar effects of healing through frequencies/vibrations with our bodies utilizing our own life force. You will experience a time-limited session (60 or 90 minutes) and have a discussion of your current needs, any past/present traumas affecting your physical body, and focus on releasing tension from the body and mind.

Christine utilizes both training certifications in Reiki and Transpersonal Energy Healing in her EH sessions. Currently, there are online distance energy healing sessions. Private in-person EH sessions are not available, unless there are special circumstances/requests of where the session will be arranged or held on-site at the client’s residence or private location.


Your energy healing sessions can be scheduled on a weekly basis to support your self-healing needs and have more balance in your mind and body. 

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You Are The Creator of Your Healing Journey

When you work with Christine at SomĀyur™, you will discover your true self/soul purpose in life and be the creator of your self-healing journey.

You will be more creative and be more open to receive.

You will be more balanced and self-aware.

You will be more present and learn a gratitude attitude.

Your efforts to heal yourself will manifest your intentions.

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