Yoga Nidra

Christine Wong facilitating a Yoga Nidra Class


Yoga nidra (YN) is known as “Psychic sleep or deep relaxation with awareness.” Yoga Nidra is a meditative technique that allows your consciousness to go inward (mentally, physically, emotionally) and away from any external sensations in the environment, and into a deeper relaxation state of mind. This practice laying down in Shavasana (corpse pose) helps you separate your external awareness with sleep and helps improve your memory, increase your creativity and knowledge, and possibly transform you positively from the inside out. 

Our physical bodies naturally are exposed to various environmental energies (i.e. people, job, relationships) that can add muscle tension. The different types of tensions we experience are three-fold: 1. Muscular tension affecting the physical body, endocrinal imbalances, and the nervous system; 2. Emotional tensions experienced with the dualities of what we want and cannot express them emotionally, resulting in repressed and deeply rooted tensions; and lastly 3. Mental tension resulted in excessive mental thinking. The practice of Yoga Nidra will help enable you to go into the deeper layers of your subconscious mind while letting go and finding new positive neural pathways and balance in your daily life.


Don’t focus on going deep, rather let go and release any tension, and allow the process to happen naturally. Some may experience temporary mental, emotional, and spiritual discomforts, but this is a very normal process, especially for self-healing.

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You Are The Creator of Your Healing Journey

When you work with Christine at SomĀyur™, you will discover your true self/soul purpose in life and be the creator of your self-healing journey.

You will be more creative and be more open to receive.

You will be more balanced and self-aware.

You will be more present and learn a gratitude attitude.

Your efforts to heal yourself will manifest your intentions.

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