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Life Coaching can help clients build stronger relationships with themselves and build a healthy bond and trust in relationships. With life coaching support, an assessment of your needs will be prioritized and there will be a series of weekly sessions to help you with the following: 1. Identify your limiting beliefs, 2. Develop new healthy patterns to let go of the limiting or negative beliefs, 3. And lastly, to provide you ongoing support to achieve your goals by gaining more confidence, clarity, and direction in your daily life. 

Christine is committed to: 1. Help assess and discuss your personal needs, 2. Create a weekly plan to attain your goals, 3. Provide you ongoing, authentic emotional support to help you grow and develop a new path of self-healing. By utilizing the various holistic techniques offered with life coaching, you will find the balance in your daily life.

Christine utilizes her intuitive empathic skills/gifts, to be your spiritual guide and life coach. She has a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree and is professionally trained and certified to work with various clients of multicultural backgrounds, religion/spirituality, and social economic status, including survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, history of past traumas such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and mental/emotional health issues. 

Recommendations for life coaching services are for a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks/sessions. We will then reassess together at the end and see if ongoing services are needed for future sessions.


If you are empowered and ready to make a shift in your life, take that risk, and see the changes within your self-healing journey as it grows while maintaining a healthy, life coaching relationship with Christine.

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You Are The Creator of Your Healing Journey

When you work with Christine at SomĀyur™, you will discover your true self/soul purpose in life and be the creator of your self-healing journey.

You will be more creative and be more open to receive.

You will be more balanced and self-aware.

You will be more present and learn a gratitude attitude.

Your efforts to heal yourself will manifest your intentions.

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