Christine Wong the founder and CEO of Somayur LLC doing a Yoga pose infront of a sunset.


Yoga is defined as the “ultimate union,” which unites the ‘ida” nadi (flow) that represents the negative force or flow of consciousness and “pingala” nadi represents the positive force, the vital energies, and connects the sushumna nadi that is the neutral spiritual energy. Yoga utilizes ancient Vedic scriptures and practices dated over five thousand years ago that are proven to help treat imbalances in the physical, mental, and emotional body. There are various forms of yoga practices that can help assist in the treatment of difficult diagnosed illnesses and incurable diseases such as Parkinsin’s Disease, cancer, or Alzheimer’s Disease. 

The classes offered are Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, and/or a Hatha & Yin Yoga combination class. The word Hatha is actually two words in Sanskrit. Ha represents prana or vital force. And the word Tha represents the mind or mental energy. Hatha Yoga is the union of both pranic and mental forces that can awake you to higher consciousness. There will be instructions to follow with a series of various poses held in place, using your breath to release any tension, and to help create more balance in your daily life. Yin Yoga was founded by Paul Grilley beginning in the late 1980’s and quickly got coined “restorative yoga” due to the poses being held for an extended amount of time. It helps to “meet your edge,” to release and then go into the deeper layers of connective tissues such as the fascia, ligaments, and tendon.


If this is your first time trying yoga, be open to the experience. All of the classes welcome new beginner level yogis/yoginis and there is no judgment with your body and your practice. We start wherever we are at and feel comfortable to meet your edge.

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You Are The Creator of Your Healing Journey

When you work with Christine at SomĀyur™, you will discover your true self/soul purpose in life and be the creator of your self-healing journey.

You will be more creative and be more open to receive.

You will be more balanced and self-aware.

You will be more present and learn a gratitude attitude.

Your efforts to heal yourself will manifest your intentions.

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